One of the most exciting things about the Innova team is the variety of opportunities that customers want to research and investigate. It is always an exciting place to work. There is lots of stimulation and you are always looking at the world through a new or different lens.

"I like showing customers how to use the tools. For the majority it is very clear but its fun to show people new ways to do things and encourage them to look at things in a new way to simply adjust their terms of reference. Customers show me new things all the time so it is fun to exchange ideas around topics and share experience. Sometimes colleagues are in a hurry so I can inspire them with some ideas to get them started on a project. A call can be like a mini brainstorming. There are days when I meet people who are new to data and I feel like a teacher for a while. But we always progress quickly so they see how data-drive tools enhance their knowledge and help them to form new questions and look at challenges with a critical eye. That gives me a feeling of satisfaction always. My days are full of action so when I go to a call I am excited wondering what it is going to be. How will I help and how I will make the customer reach their goals. Working for a wonderful brand that delivers value that can change and improve a business in so many ways is fascinating." - Elena Kolenkina, Client Developement Executive

Associate Analyst

Developing and implementing quantitative consumer research studies and tracking research programs.

"One of your responsibilities will be to develop and implement quantitative research studies. Customers really like our input to save them time and highlight the best way to tackle a problem. We have to save them time and get them what they are looking for while meeting the deadline always".

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Senior Analyst

Consumer Insights

You will need a track record of success and proven experience in consumer survey work as well as, research and analysis. There are always new practices and norms that help us meet customer need in a timely fashion. Sometimes it is the professional interviews or retail interviews that really add the critical dimension to good decision making for investments in the long term. If you have first class analytical skills and an international outlook with language skills this could be for you.

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Data Analytics and Statistics Intern - Summer 2017

Performing research into new analytics/statistical methods. A primary degree in statistics and an interest in computer programming would be an advantage.

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Research Executive

Listening to customers unmet needs and devising tailored solutions.

You will work with customers using your analytical and business experience to build customized solutions which address their needs. You will design or create applications for our customers around different data sets. Save the clients time by giving them better insights faster. Put them at ease with new technologies and tools. Not infrequently you will assist customers make really compelling presentations.

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Consumer Insights Manager

You will have several supply side customers who are striving to bring something different to their customers. Elements that define and differentiates them from the competition.

You will understand how consumer and sensory research complement each other throughout the product life cycle. You will propose new solutions for our customers. Customers will inspire you with suggestions for applications for our research and services. You can expect to work in social media analysis and the new product feedback arena. There are great opportunities to share best practices. Together we envision a truly exciting future in new product development, marketing, strategy and insights.

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Manager Insights and Strategy

Working with clients you will translate and apply insights into compelling category and brand growth initiatives. We are driving change. You will present research results to different brand and category teams to help drive the adaption of insights for brand planning and innovation. You will show customers how to leverage insights to drive their business growth.

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Consumer Analytics

Using our data you will help customers gain a deep understanding of brands, consumers, shoppers, competitors, product categories, cultural trends and market dynamics. They will use this to drive their business forward. You will help them identify growth opportunities and look for ways to address these opportunities.

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Technology Analyst

A keen interest in food processing and technology is a pre-requisite. To keep up with the flood of data you will need to be an avid reader. Looking for patterns and association is essential for success. A Master's degree or Ph.D would be an advantage. Understanding that a true picture of the art and actionable insights is is key.

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Account Manager – Food and Beverage Innovation

Regional/National/International / full time / Atlanta, GA

The Job Are you naturally curious and driven for sales success? We have a challenging career opportunity as an Account Manager for our market intelligence solutions. You will be dealing with senior people in marketing and innovation at multinationals and SMEs in the food and beverage industry to help them with market research solutions. Responsibilities include: approaching new prospects, negotiating and closing sales of subscriptions to our digital tools, conducting training sessions, and attending trade shows and conferences. You will travel to our European headquarters for training and sales meetings.

You will be fully trained in the use of our high-end digital platforms and our ways of working. After the initial training period, you will be responsible for new and existing customers in a region or a country. You will travel to meet with clients, presenting to their marketing and innovation teams how our products can be integrated into their research and strategy teams.

The Company Innova Market Insights, part of the CNS Media Group, is a global provider of knowledge solutions for the food and beverage industries. Our industry-leading market research/knowledge platforms, tailored to the professional needs of each individual company, exceed the most exacting demands of food marketing and research customers globally. Our regional offices support a service culture of excellence, integrity and collaboration. We leverage our skills and experience to innovate with new solutions for our customers. For more information on the company, please visit our website at

Skills required:

  • Bachelor or Master’s degree
  • Proven track record in sales
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Willingness to travel
  • Driving license
  • Enthusiasm, motivation, initiative and the drive to make a difference
  • Experience with CPG is a plus, but not required

We offer:

  • A competitive compensation and benefit package
  • Working in a dynamic and growing international company
  • A challenging position with unique products
  • An informal and collegial working environment
We look forward to meeting you

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