The Innova Database will help you monitor category and sector activity, explore trends and generate ideas, while informing your colleagues & customers.

The Innova Database is an online, cutting-edge food and beverage product database - created by a dedicated team of industry-leading food and beverage experts that collect the latest data from more than 70 countries. This allows you to instantly track the latest food and beverage trends and innovations with just the click of a mouse. At Innova, our goal is simple - help you stay ahead of the curve.

The Innova Database was designed by leading food and beverage professionals for leading food and beverage manufacturers, and is widely recognized as a leading source of new product tracking, trends, and innovations available anywhere. Key companies around the globe rely on the Innova Database to inspire their marketing teams, power up their innovation process, keep tabs on their competitors, and track new technologies.

The Innova Database delivers what you need to know, when you need to know it. Using Innova is a little like getting inside your customers' heads. By compiling and analyzing data from thousands of product launches, you will know where the latest trends are occurring, often before they occur.

  • Track new product launches around the world, and monitor worldwide product innovation in consumer packaged goods.
  • Access to our proprietary online new product development tracking tool. Instantly search our extensive database, using fully searchable fields, which allow you to save searches for unlimited access later - anytime, anywhere. Search by aisle, category, product claims, ingredients and more, and then export all data to Word, Excel, HTML, or XML.
  • Obtain detailed analysis of the latest product offerings, including full-color pictures, full ingredient lists, product descriptions and details, barcodes, company information, and nutritional data. We also provide links to the manufacturer's website.
  • Receive email alerts of new product launches to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. Obtain daily, weekly, or monthly updates on new food and beverage launches. You'll be the first to know about the latest developments and product offerings.
  • Acquire competitive analysis. Want to know what the competition is up to? We know.
  • Instantly generate and download customized reports and analysis, ideal for presentations.
  • Utilize cart features for easy data organization.
  • Experience unparalleled online support. We are fanatical.
  • Use our proprietary analysis software at no additional cost, which will save you time and money. All the information you need to successfully innovate in food, beverage, and nutrition is at your fingertips.
  • Enjoy full access to thousands of professional, high-resolution product images.
  • Instantly track and monitor flavor, ingredient, and formulation developments and changes.
  • Receive our highly sought-after newsletter. Published 10 times per year, our newsletter is an essential tool for your entire food and beverage product development team.
  • Monitor the latest news, reviews, and case studies, including relevant graphs, charts, and illustrations.
  • Preview trends and ideas for the future.
  • Receive access to our proprietary Innova Analysis - our panel of experts help you easily sort through mounds of data. Their analysis will give your team an independent point-of-view from a different perspective, helping to prioritize the key issues and challenges your company faces.
  • Product retrieval - receive actual product samples for you to touch, feel, taste, and analyze. Use products for quality assurance or sensory and taste panel tests.
  • Search for new products, compare markets, and monitor competitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Receive outstanding consultancy support from our analysts and consultants.