Work Life Balance

We understand our team can only achieve their full potential if they get the balance right between career ambitions and personal life. Sometimes one or the other can be more challenging for all sorts of reasons. Whatever the challenge our colleagues face, we are willing to listen so that you can manage all your responsibilities effectively.

Introduction and Training

We want you to get to know the organization quickly and understand how we work and the role of the different teams and the crucial role of our networks. Our initial orientation will help you get to know the company and how we work together for our customers. We will explain the company's history, brands and services.

Networking will help you to develop close working relationships while getting down to business. Over time you will travel to more shows and conferences around the world. You will get to know more colleagues or go to meet them around the world. You will get exposed to different projects and different job functions.

Our values

We foster an environment that is open, inclusive and supportive. Everyone should have their voice heard and their contribution should be valued. Promotion will be made on merit and commitment as well as customer feedback.

Everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We welcome and acknowledge the value of diversity, opinions, styles, ideas and perspectives. Ideas foster innovation and help us keep abreast in a changing world while providing the best support and service to our clients.

We don't accept or tolerate discrimination or harassment for any reason. Everyone must have a respected personal space whatever the creed, ethnicity, persuasion or disability. The same respect is extended to all our clients at all time.

Health and Safety

We are committed to practices that provided a healthy and safe place to work. All work and project complies with health and safety standards. Particular care is taken in preparation for shows and exhibitions to make colleagues aware of hazards during set up and tear down.