Quest is the essential tool to take you inside R&D and patent activity,
giving you a lens to the future.

Quest is the tool to understand IP and literature trends that will impact new product development and future food and beverage marketing.

  • Simple installation. Familiar search style. Little or no training required to use the tool. Great for new markets as it enables faster screening of ideas for better decision making and more succssful action.
  • Leverage R&D personnel knowledge: better creation, sharing and use of knowledge. Allows R&D to explore ideas and test hypothesis quickly. Easy to use across the three key platforms of patents, literature and products. Quest helps companies to leverage R&D knowledge. It allows you to explore ideas and test hypotheses quickly. It’s easy to use across three key platforms – patents, literature and new products – allowing the integration of knowledge into processes and routines. Integration of knowledge into their processes and routines. Allow integrated teams to share. Good for an open culture and supports an environment for creating new knowledge and innovation.
  • Quest allows you to answer the questions you have quickly and offers benefits such as:
    1. You save time and you meet your work goals.
    2. Better use of existing knowledge and the creation of new knowledge.
    3. Reduces the need for key knowledge management people to support of teams engaged in innovative pursuits.